When a Feng Shui consultation is needed

Traditional Feng Shui offers a wide range of tools, techniques and Schools that help us improve many aspects of our lives.


In Private Houses we can use it to:

  • Improve the relationship with your partner and members of the family.
  • Improve the prosperity, wellness and vitality of the family.
  • Improve the inspiration and creativity.
  • Find the best places to work, specially now that working from home is rising so fast.
  • Help our children in their studies.
  • Harmonize ambience in order to create comfortable and relaxing spaces.
  • Protect our homes from accidents, robbery and unwanted conflicts.
  • Help you decide a relocation (buying or renting) of a new home taking into account all the additional information that Feng Shui has to offer.
  • Help you choose the right land to build and design a project together with architects.
  • Prepare a house for sale, in order to make it more attractive for potential clients.
  • Choosing the right dates for contract signing or announcing through press or media.

For Business we can use it to:

  • To increase the sales.
  • To improve the prestige and image of the firm.
  • To optimize a range of products in order to increase the productivity.
  • To prevent legal conflicts, disloyalty or robbery.
  • To improve the communication and the efficiency of your employees.
  • To help you choose the right place or optimize the distribution of the space in case of renovation or relocation.
  • To help you find the right dates for openings, parties or signing contracts.

Is your business going through a little crisis? Maybe your employees are unmotivated? Do you have constant conflicts with clients or providers?

For any of these situations, your company needs an in-depth analysis to find how the energy is channeled. Once this is done, it might be necessary to relocate your employees within the workspace according to their personal characteristics (Ming Gua) or to modify a working place.

Maybe you are thinking of moving your business to another place or enlarging the infrastructure, refurbish or branch out. In any of these cases, the knowledge Feng Shui provides can help you choose the right place, auspicious dates for the launch in order to establish a prosperous business from the beginning.

In China, Japan or the United States, the majority of successful companies pay close attention to the location and distribution of the offices with all their components, integrating Feng Shui principles as an essential element for the prosperity of the business.

A business model designed under the Feng Shui principles, besides improving your business, will increase the productivity of your employees, encouraging team work and a harmonious work space.

A Feng Shui study for a business starts with an in depth analysis of the energy in the place, the outside and the access to the company, we then suggest a certain distribution of the furniture and decoration. Following this, we look at each employee and in accordance to their MG we look to harmonize their work space to improve the work task. Recommending the right position within the space for each one, optimizing teamwork and paying special attention to those employees that make decisions or have direct contact with clients.

Feng Shui is a versatile and powerful tool and for minimal costs you can get extraordinary results. For this reason, this practice is still used world wide.

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