How a Feng Shui Constultaion develops

On our first visit, the location of the building needs to be analyzed in detail, we take note of all the features in the environment; streets, traffic, adjoining buildings, the landscape, the wind, nocturnal lighting, etc. If the house has a garden or pool this need to be explored separately.

We use the Luo Pan or Feng Shui Compass in order to determine the exact degrees of the magnetic orientation of the house or building.


Once inside, we have a detailed conversation with the client about what is going on at the moment in their lives or business, and what they aim to achieve with the help of Feng Shui. This process is very important in order to find the best solution for the existing problems.

We than take notes of the distribution of rooms and check their accordance with the plans. Photographs are taken to gather information on colors, interior design, doors and window positions, etc.

Very important pieces of information to start with are two variables that set aside Traditional Feng Shui from other Schools. The variable of Time, in this case would be the date in which the construction or renovation are finalized, and the variable of Space being the orientation in degrees of the building.

Both of these parameters are going to allow the calculation of a very exact mapping of the house. In Feng Shui terminology this is called “Map of Flying Stars”. It offers a very precise measure of a specific home as each house and building is unique.

In addition to this, once the Ming Gua of the inhabitants of the house has been determined, the best place is found for each one, keeping in mind their date of birth, their profession and the roll they have within the family.

The first time we meet I will need:

  • A very precise plan of the house or business building .
  • The year the construction of the house or building was finalized. In the case of any renovation, you may have to do a little research to find out dates.
  • The date of birth of the inhabitants, family roll and profession

We schedule a second visit that normally will occur two weeks later, depending on the complexities of the project.

In this second visit I will give you a detailed report where all the information extracted from the first visit is explained. A detailed guide with all the recommendations for each room will be given in order to Harmonize and reestablish the energetic balance that is needed. I will give you all the necessary instructions to activate all the favorable areas and balance the areas that are less favorable.


All the recommendations will be easy to achieve. As an orientation, these could include:

  • Changing the wall color of certain rooms.

  • Changing the furniture position, desk, sofas, armchairs etc.

  • Changing the bed position in accordance to the room and each person inhabiting the room.

  • By analyzing the Ming Gua and profession of each inhabitant, the optimal resting area, work or study place for each one will be suggested.

  • You might be suggested to change some decorative elements.

For a business you will also be given:

  • Specific recommendations to the boss or manager of the company, suggesting the most favorable orientation and location within the space for their work roll.

  • After determining the Ming Gua of each employee, the best work place will be suggested for each one of them in order to optimize their work task and avoiding conflicts with their fellow colleagues.

  • The internal and external access doors to the business will be studied in detail as well as all the other work areas, offering activating suggestions to increase the number of clients or even suggest new business ideas.

In both cases, a third visit is scheduled after approximately 3 months. An evaluation of the evolution of changes introduced is made. We check what has changed from the initial situation or if any modification is necessary in order to optimize the results.

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