Origins of
Feng Shui

The exact Origins of “Feng Shui” or more accurately “Kan Yu”, are unknown, as most other wisdom and knowledge that appeared in ancient China, but what is known about all of them, including The Feng Shui, is that all of them have the I Ching or Zhou Yi (book of changes) as a base. The first known written text is from 800 A.C., although their teachings are much older...

Fundamentals of Feng Shui

There is an important distinction between Traditional Feng Shui and the large number of Feng Shui schools actually existing on the market.

Many ancient Feng Shui Masters where holding back their knowledge because it gave a lot of power. The limited amounts of old texts where difficult to understand precisely mainly because of the poetic language used to write them. This led us to misinterpret the original ideas of this Art form for many years in Western society....

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