How does traditional Feng Shui work

There is an important distinction between Traditional Feng Shui and the large number of Feng Shui schools actually existing on the market.

Many ancient Feng Shui Masters where holding back their knowledge because it gave a lot of power. The limited amounts of old texts where difficult to understand precisely mainly because of the poetic language used to write them. This led us to misinterpret the original ideas of this Art form for many years in Western society. Many Schools were founded, most of them based on superstitious and erroneous beliefs, often offering fast and not so credible advice with standardized solutions, filling houses with all kinds of superstitious objects and far from our culture. This situation has created skepticism in the efficiency of the method.

The truth is that Traditional Feng Shui is far from esoteric, magic or religious ideas. It’s based on an ancestral knowledge, which clearly define fundamental principles, based on concepts like Qi or Chi, Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, Magnetic directions, Time influence, Planets and their Constellations..

With all this information, a Feng Shui Consultant makes a meticulous and completely individualized study of each case, using a big range of tools provided by different Traditional Schools like:

  • Xuan Kong Fei Xing (School of Flying Stars)
  • Ba Zhai Pai (School of 8 Houses)
  • Xing Shi Pai (School of the form)
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua (School of the 64 Hexagrams)
  • Shan Shui Long Fan Pai (School of water Dragons)

Ideally we would follow the ideas of Feng Shui from the very beginning when we choose the site where we want to build a house or ground a business and cooperating side by side with architects and interior designers to create the perfect place encompassing all the needs of the people that are going to inhabit it. But unfortunately this is not very common.

When planning a Traditional Feng Shui project of a private house, a business, a garden or a building, first of all we need to analyze the environment, the material aspects (direction, location, surroundings) as well as the immaterial aspects (cosmic influence on the building and surroundings, meteorological and the light) with the idea of relating all these factors with the needs of the people. The interior and the exterior of a building, the orientation of the house, the year the building or renovation is finished, the colors, the furniture, the light, the forms and the environment are going to have a direct influence on our mood, our health, our relationships and the prosperity in our lives.

Keeping this basic principle in mind, we can understand that if an adverse surrounding has a negative influence in our lives, the reorganization of this surrounding by adapting it to the needs of the inhabitants, is going to produce a positive impact and the effect will be perceived on all levels of the individual.

Through the detailed analysis of these parameters, we can use these tools of this Ancient science to optimize the energy flow in and outside the building, unblocking, minimizing adverse areas to make the most of the existing potential often wasted. All of this to improve the lives of the people that are using the space.

All the recommendations given will be easy to put into practice, and we will do the best we can to work with the decoration elements that people have already so as to reduce extra costs, and achieve the changes as soon as possible.

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